AED (Automated External Defibrillator)

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ALSOK is the leading AED Authorized Distributer not only in Japan but also in Indonesia as ALSOK BASS (a member of ALSOK Group) with wide range of products. We can propose the most suitable AED based on customer’s necessity.
We are providing the various brands of AED and user training.
AED is one of the best solution which can save cardiac arrest victims before a treatment at hospital.
We are sure that AED is more required by Indonesian society in the near future.

AED (Automated External Defibrillator)

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Specifications of AED NIHON KOHDEN (Made in Japan) Specifications of
(Made in Japan)

How to save a victim with AED Nihon Kohden

Specifications of AED Zoll Plus (Made in US) Specifications of
AED Zoll Plus
(Made in US)

How to save a victim with AED ZOLL Plus

ALSOK is the leading AED Authorized Distributor not only in Japan but also in Indonesia with wide range of Products, including Zoll Plus - US product and Nihon Kohden - Japanese product.

One feature that really sets Zoll AED machine apart from other AED brands is its real-time feedback about the depth CPR compression performance. This function relieves people without much experience or knowledge in CPR of worries about whether they are doing it well enough or not. The feedback will be issued by voice accompanied with visual instruction on an LCD sccreen built-in the AED machine.

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AED zoll with LCD and CPR Feedback

Nihon Kohden AED-3100 is equipped with a bilingual function and supports not only Indonesian, Japanese and English but also 16 languages. It is ideal for facilities such as hotels, restaurants, and shopping malls with many foreigners, as well as foreign-affiliated companies and companies that have foreign employees.

Users can choose 2 ideal languages and the order.

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Instruction voice availability and Flexible Child/adult mode


First and foremost, It is strongly advised that AED be placed in Swimming pools, Gymnasiums, hotels, soccer field , factories or other sport venues in which physical activities with high intesity are taken place regularly since drowning and other incidents that lead to cardiac arrest might happen anytime.

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AED is recommended to be placed in sport yards, swimming pools, hotels, resorts, construction sites,...

AEDs are also highly recommended for other public sites such as shopping centers, office buildings, hotels, schools, factories as sudden cardiac arrest might happen to anyone at anytime and in any places.

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Schools, shopping centers, office buildings, factories, ... are places that AED should be placed as well

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(Japantimes, 2002) informed the death cause of Japanese Prince TAKAMADO in 2002, when he was playing Squash at the Canadian Embassy, aged 47. “Immediately after the prince's collapse, a Canadian official phoned for an ambulance and the prince was rushed to Keio University Hospital in Shinjuku Ward”. Tradically, miracle did not happen in the end. Since then, AED has been known as Legal Nationwide Public-Access Defibrillator in Japan since 2004.


Currently, in Indonesia, the number of AED installation locations is increasing in various places such as Schools, Embassies, Hotels, Apartments, Factories, Construction site offices and other Public facilities.

As the number of AED installation locations increases, so will the number of situations in which life can be saved in the event of an emergency.

ALSOK BASS not only installs the equipment, but also provides training on CPR and how to use AED, so even first-time users can rest assured.

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Free CPR and AED how-to-use Training